These original paintings of Ephrem Kouakou are in our private collection.

Ephrem Kouankou
72 x 72 inches
72 x 72 inches

Ephrem’s moving, colorful African art paintings are in the permanent collection at the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art; The Fondo Del Sol Museum, both in Washington, D.C. More notably, Ephrem Kouakou's artwork can also be seen in New York City at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In addition, Ephrem has exhibited in Belgium, Switzerland and Paris. His name is all around the Internet art collectors' circles, making him one of the world's leading African painters. Of his work, Christine Mullen Kreamer, a co-director and curator at the National Museum of African Art, says in likeness that Ephrem's work " is pure powdered pigment mixed with acrylic medium and uses a fairly decorative approach. Kouakou's imagery draws on traditional African culture, including references to sculptural arts and spiritual life.

Source: trueafricanart

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